Provide solutions for the realiable growth

Bariflo Labs is an industry 4.0 compliant startup has developed water body management system based on Fluid dynamics, IOT, robotics, AI for aqua-farm management, urban water-body management. We offer technological solution for aquafarmers,co-operatives,villages,communities,cities & industries at a variety of scales.Due to detachment of society on surface water bodies such as ponds, lakes, estuaries and overexploitation of groundwater due to agricultural, industry activities have created critical water stress on urban and rural civilization. We, at Bariflo Labs, are solving the water quality degradation of lakes, reservoirs by developing a profitable socio-technological business model by implementing robotic technology developed using the concept of environmental hydraulics, Ai, IoT and upgrading traditional methods.


Aspire to be market leader in water body management in the direction of aquafarming by Focusing on employment generation & creation of wealth by leveraging developed technology utilising surface water reserve.


Mission is about people not projects

Develop sustainable technology and processes for aquaculture farming by solving critical water issues and disease issues which will benifit traditional to institutional farming.


Our projected are supported by Startup Odhisha